Saturday, 24 December 2016


Gah I hate all the darkness all the time. I took these outfit pictures today when it was the most light outside. But they still turned out so very dark and smudgy. But oh well they'll do. 

The last weeks all I have been doing is melting into our couch... Playing games and so on. I did got a job interview but I just don't have any idea how it went. If I do get it then it would mean moving and I have kinda developed a liking to Pori.. (and it's flea markets).

But I guess the reason I haven't been out of bed nor sofa is that I have been feeling somewhat down. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with me physically or just mentally, but I suppose I should visit the doctor after the holidays in either case.

Top - Flea market
Skirt - Spin doctor, second hand
Corset belt - ebay
Other belts - Flea market
Shoes - Demonia, Second hand

Today we are going to go eat with some of my boyfriends family so hopefully that will cheer me up at least a little.

I have tried to cheer myself up by gifting myself a little. For one I bought these books from adlibris, except the Pohjoismaiset Taruolennot or The Nordic mythical creatures. All of them are interesting works.

I also bought some board games! And a puzzle from the Flea Market.

Pokemon moon I got ages ago and I have already kinda played through it as well, but it's still fun to play every now and then.

When my friend was here some time ago, we toured all the good flea markets in Pori. These "rocks" were my favorite finds. I have wanted a salt stone lamp forever.

So yeah there's really nothing more to tell. I'm hoping my mood will improve so I can start updating more often again. But anyway, hope everyone is having nice holiday times!