Monday, 10 October 2016

The Cure at Helsinki + Helsinki haul!

Last Friday me and my friend went to see The Cure in Helsinki! I had been their fan forever and it was just such a surreal feeling to see them live... 

We got there early and we had field tickets, I just can't believe how close we got to them. Like they were right in front of us!

Do I spot some new rocks? :') Hehee... Anyways, I really liked the show! Robert Smith threw a bit of jokes and small talk between the songs and it made the concert not feel so official and stuck up. I don't know if that persona that showed is just a stage thing but I would really like to believe he's like that in person too.

The field life wasn't all roses and flowers... People touching you all the time, jumping next to you, trying to shove themselves in front of you... screaming like it's the end of the world. Overflowing bag hurting my neck (because I was just too cheap and excited to pay for the cloakroom). I know people express their enthusiasm differently but I really do prefer the calm admiring approach over the screaming and fainting kind.

I'm kinda sad that the pictures I took from the whole band didn't really turn out so well. But ohhh at least you'll see a lot of Robert Smith :'').

I did feel somewhat bad for the people standing behind me since I had backcombed my wig to the max and it really stood out. Probably made it harder for some to see. Sorry! But I did get lots of compliments on it from older men tho, haha!

Before the show we stocked up on some merch. The t-shirts there were ridiculously pricey so I settled on this canvas bad and pin-back set, though those weren't so cheap either. The bag was 20€ and the set 5€.

We had some time before and the day after the concert to shop! Pretty quickly we found a party(?) shop from Forum which had looadddds of hallween stuff on stock. From there I grabbed this shiny life sized skull piggy bank and a spiderweb table cover!

We also visited a flea market! Found this neat hat! It's kinda mourning hat'ish and I really like that!7

From Gina Tricot I picked up this belt pocket thing and some eye shadows. I had been looking for their black eye shadow everywhere. The one I have now is almost gone and it's the best matte black eye shadow I had ever had. But it looks like they are discontinuing it since I found these form the sales bin... Well at least I'll survive with these for a while!

This jacket is also form the flea market!

And we also visited UFF's store. It took some digging around but I did find this sinister skirt and this spider webby shirt with no brand name. Probably have to exchange the strings on it since they are a bit tattered, but otherwise it's fabulous! Uhh sorry I didn't even take the tags off yet.. :'D

Ah well I didn't really take outfit pictures or anything like that. I just kinda threw something on in the morning since I had spend the days before playing... Oopsie! But well you'll see a lot of me usually on my posts so it's nice to do something different for a change!


  1. Wow it looks like a fun time. I love your sinister skirt find.

    1. It really was! ^_^
      And yessss it was a pretty good find! :)

  2. Great haul!
    Also, I'd love to see The Cure again, they're amazing live.

    1. They are indeed! I'd also would love to see them again someday.. :)

  3. Sounds like an amazing concert! I would've loved to see The Cure, but they weren't playing in my area. Maybe next time...

    Awesome haul!

    1. It really was!
      Oh noees, I do hope they play more near you next time!