Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pre-Lumous Panic

Ohh noeees tomorrow is a workday once again.. Oh boy.

I was supposed to figure out all of my Lumous Gothic Festival outfits this weekend because it's happening next weekend, but I just ended up being a lazy ass. I did plan some of them on paper but you just can't figure outfits on paper since you don't know how will they really look together.

I found out last Friday that all my next weeks sifts will be evening ones... Which will suck. I'll go to after midday and come back home late at night. So I won't have any time to do anything on the weekdays. Except maybe in the morning if I wake up early enough.. Which I wont.

Vest - second hand diy
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Ideapark
Legwarmers - My mom
Socks - diy
Chains - Ebay
Choker - Second Hand

Even on Friday when the festival starts I was supposed to end my sift wayyy in to the night. But I managed to talk myself on to a morning sift. Thank goth. So I can manage to get to Tampere pretty early just before the Dog's Home stuff starts. Hopefully I won't be dead tired. :'D

I did kinda start looking for clothes to wear.. I threw a lot of them on the bed and then just stared at them for hours.. They are still there. My brain just doesn't want to put things together right now.

But anyway I'm sure I'll get something with me when the time comes on Friday.

I'm very much hoping that I'll see many of my blogger friends and follower friends and stuff at the Lumous! So pleeeaaase come say hi if you see me! I'll try not to be too awkward but I won't make any promises...

I'm still not kinda sure what kind of a blogging thing I'll be making this year but I'm thinking about a video. But then I would definitely have to get more footage than last year.. Haha, I'll try.

As for gaming. I bought Stardew Valley from the steam sale just before it ended. It's just such a damn addicting game I have to admit. Even today I played it for hours even tough I should had been doing something else. It's kind of a mix of.. Harvest moon, animal crossing and minecraft. Pretty cool since those are some of my favorite series!

Guess I'll get back to playing since I wont get anything else done today anyway.. ._.

Tuuttehan sanooo moikka lumouksessa!? 


  1. Öö mitäs vattua? Kun klikkasin tota antamaa nauravavampyyrilinkkiäs ni ei todellakaa tullu mtn vaatekauppasivustoo vaa hakkerointisivu räppimusan kanssa.

    1. Holy shit what. o.O Liekö joutui hakkeroiduksi? Pitänee ottaa linkki pois siksi aikaa kun selviää mitä tapahtui. :o Kiitos kun ilmoitit.

    2. Joo eli joutuivat hakkeroinnin kohteeksi. Facebook sivuillaan siittä ilmoittivat. Sivut näyttäisi kyllä toimivan taas. Löytyy helposti jos kiinnostaa kun laittaa googleen Laughing Vampire ja eka linkki. :)

  2. En malta odottaa että mitä kivoja asuja keksit Lumoukseen! Itseltä jää kyseinen tapahtuma tänäkin vuonna väliin, mutta odottelen innolla kaikkien lumouspostauksia :)

    1. Saapi nähdä missä välissä sitä kerkiää asut miettiä loppuun.. :D Voi harmi että jää sinulta väliin! Muttapi juu koitan hienon lumouspostauksen tehdä! :>