Saturday, 23 July 2016

Lumous 2016

Yessh, so lumous was last weekend. I had a really great time and I hope others did as well!
This year I didn't make a video, nor did I actually even take much any pictures. Shame on me! I was just so sleepy the whole weekend that the festival was just this big fog.

Today thought I made an effort to re-create my club looks for you! I don't have much anything else to do today anyway.


Corset - Dracula clothing
Shoes - Pennangalan
Choker - Storenvy
Skirt - Flea market
Shirt - Lindex

On friday morning I had to work... But I managed to get my butt to Tampere well on time. Got some alcohol and a little something to eat. Then we headed to the club.. But ohh, I have had so much to drink already. Before the final band Shiv-r, I had to stumble back to the hotel room and pass out. At least I managed to get there on time.

I don't remember much anything of my way back to the hotel but I do remember the lady at the hotel counter asking me: "Did you have a nice evening". I must have looked like shit. xD


Saturday went a lot better. I got a pretty good night sleep and we headed to the Dark Market.

From the market I wanted everything. But I felt like I kinda don't need shit at the moment. Just before heading out though I saw this table full of books and it felt like I NEED all of them. But after browsing through them I picked up this book about The magic songs of the Finns. I have had this book on my adlibris wishlist for a good while now, and I just had to buy it.

The book contains all sorts of magic enchantments for helping in every day life in the ye old'e Finland. :'D It's very cool and interesting!

From the market I got nothing else, but afterwards I got to hang out with my friend Veronica for the first time! Oh she was so nice and it was super fun to finally get to hang out with her! We went to eat and did a bit of shopping. I got these sunglasses with kitty ears from H&M sale and this fucking expensive wooden storage box from Aurinko.

Later on I wanted to see the Masquerade on Dog's home, but we weren't sure when they were going to be on. So we were late... But at least I got to see them for a little while. And the pushy salesman who sold their LP's, sold me the Ritual album. I would have bought it anyway though. But he said that this one was the very first one of this album they sold, haha. Should of had gotten it signed. 8C

After that I think we went to rest for a bit and I changed in to my club clothes.

Corset - Dracula Clothing
Shoes - Pleaser, ebay
Skirt - Ebay
Scarf - Flea market 

I was so stoked to finally get to use my new thigh high pleasers! Aren't they gorgeous! I would have gotten a versions with a taller heel but I really want to use these as a daily wear category and I think this heels is perfect for that!

Also my iron fist bag saw the night life for a second time.

I didn't really care for the bands that played in the club on staurday... They were danceable but not really for me. It kinda seemed that just before the last band came on the place got packed and so my expectations were high.. but blergh, no. But at least I got to hand out with Miss Chaos  . She was super nice and I hope to see her again!

Sunday morning I had to head back home since I would have to work on Monday morning. Some year I will stay for the The End club, but this was just no the year.

Yeah yeah, my outfits weren't that great this year. But consider that I had to but all of it together the night before, I think I did okay.

And thank for my friends for putting up with me the whole festival..!

If you want to see my previous Lumous shenanigans you can see this post from 2014 and this one from 2015.


  1. I love all your outfits; they all look amazing. My favourite has to be the pvc ensemble with thigh boots, you look stunning.

    1. Thank you! So sweet of you. I really do like the thigh highs with everything now. xD

  2. Jee! Seuraavaksi pileet WGT:ssä ^^ Mulla oli kyllä ihan into piukeana Two Witchesin aikana, lauloin mukana ja heiluin menemään :D Mutta Aesthetic Perfection ei ollu ihan niin innostava. Hauskaa oli kumminkin. Ens kerralla otetaan parempi yhteiskuvaki!

    1. Jee! :D No juu two witches oli kyllä hyvä, sen ihan unohdin. Mutta toisaalta sen olen jo nähnyt kaksi kertaa aikaisemmin. :'D
      No niin otetaan! Vaikka saappaat täynnä verta 8D