Friday, 27 May 2016

Double OOTD + Primer rant

Here I am. Late once again. I was supposed to update last week but I got awfully sick. I was worried that I wouldn't even make it to the school entrance exam that was the beginning of this week. But I got well in time!

Well I went to the exam in Kouvola and did all the things, but by the end of it I felt that I didn't want to go to school there... The school was all nice and cool and the subject I think might be fun to study. But it's just that place.. After living in places like Turku and Pori where you can get anything you need with just a 30min bike ride, to move to a city like Kouvola seems really appalling.

I mean everything in Kouvola is in this small little area. But there is only the necessities. Pretty much nothing else. The flea markets were also just so so so terrible. In Pori we have so many and so awesome flea markets that no way no city can compete.  Flea markets are terribly important to my lifestyle and I can't imagine living with just few crappy ones.

Of course no offence for anyone who lives in Kouvola, but I just didn't like the overall athmosphere of the place. Anyway I did the test so I could have a month to think about it. I'm pretty sure I would get in since there were around 20-22 people taking the test and they take 20 in...

And anyone who is wondering, I applied to study restoration of furniture's, buildings and etc. 

Anyway here's ootd:

Shirt - Flea market
Skirt - Punk rave, second hand
Shoes - Fantasy shoes, second hand
Belt - Ebay
Choker - Etsy
Necklace - Glitter
Tights - Ebay
And here is the outfit from yesterday:

Shirt - Flea market
Corset Belt - Ebay
Belts - Flea market
Skirt -  Lindex
Shoes - Second hand, Fantasy Shoes

I wasn't originally going to publish the yesterday's ootd here. For some reason I didn't like the outfit that much so I just posted it on instagram. But for some reason people on instagram reaaaallly liked it so might as well post it here too. I kinda warmed up to it I guess. I don't know if it's the skirt that bothered me or what... Don't you just hate when you almost won't publish something and then you go "oh what ever" and publish it and everyone really loves it and you are like "no people.. no...".

Now this is something I usually don't care to talk about but.. I got some new make up. I have heard good things from the Lumene Longwear blur foundation so I thought I'd give it a go. So far I really don't see much difference between this one and the usual one I wear which is Natural Code Skin Perfector Matt Makup. The Lumene one might be just a tad more covering and it has spf 15 which is a nice addition.

As for the Gosh eyeshadow it was just something basic I needed, nothing really to say about it. Does the thing it is supposed to do.

NOW we get to the Lumene eyeshadow primer. The left one is the one I bought some days ago and the right one is the one I have had for months and it's running out. I'm the kinda person who likes to replace their make up well before they run out. Especially if I know I use it a lot.

When I went to Citymarket to pick up this primer I was mildly annoyed by the fact that they had lifted the price to 13-14 euros. I remember getting it with 9 euros at some point.. They also had slightly changed the packaging and it had gone from being "Arctic Lingonberry" to "Arctic Cloudberry". Which I don't really even know what's it for or what does it do. Maybe it has some effect to the skin..?

Okay mildly annoyed so far.. I get home and toss the primer in my makeup bag. Then I thought I would compare the packaging to the old one. I lift them both up and just get even more annoyed. The new tube was 5ml and the old one is 7ml. I know that might not seem like a lot, but it's a lot when we are talking about eye shadow primer. WHY?!

This sounds like the most stupid thing to get mad about, and I don't usually care to talk about make up that much since I don't really even care. But this thing just seemed wrong to me. Whyy whyy are you doing this Lumene whyyyy? I for one hate buying new make up. It's so expensive and I always think that money could had been used better maybe. Now I have to buy this stupid little tube even more often and pay even more of it? No thanks.

Someone tell me if the new tube is just a different product and if I ranted for nothing. xD But well I didn't find the old one from the store nor from their website anymore.

First world problems huh?

Thursday, 12 May 2016

It's not Terminal

Oops some time has passed since my last entry. So now I have a lot of stuff to tell you, haha.

It's the time of the year when 90% of people I follow on social media start migrating to Germany. And I get this terribly envy. Just one part of me that thinks I should kill everyone who's going because I can't go, no one else should get to go either. Ahahaa sorry. xD

But well at least I can dress fancy anyway.

Kinda helps that they started selling Lumous Gothic festival tickets and I already bought mine!

Velvet jacket thing - Second Hand
Velvet Skirt - Ebay
Shoes - Demonia, Second hand
Bat choker - Hellobatty, Storenvy
I love this velvet coat thingy! Thought it has some weird droopy fabrics that are weirdly placed.. I pinned some of those inside the coat so they wont be in the way.

To tell you the truth. I haven't been updating much since I was depressed. This might sound stupid, but I was sure I had a horrible disease that was killing me. Even thought I didn't feel ill or much anything else at all. I was already saying good bye to the world.

Two days ago I finally got myself to the gynecologists office, for her to confirm or.. not confirm my fears. All in all, whole time, in my mind, I knew I was insane to even think it, but I guess my mind is just crazy like that.

Well you might have guessed that she found nothing at all. After this I was 99,99% more happy and sure I was healthy, but there's this 00,01% at the back of my brain thinking that she just missed something. OMG stop it brain!

Sorry the wig's a mess after a log day, lol.

I finished the smaller version of the spiderweb tiara. It's pretty but I'm not sure if I might make another one that's a bit neater. Someone requested a diy tutorial on these but I'm not sure since I'm not very good at explaining it maybe..?

 While I was away I went to Helsinki to see my friend! Well we mostly just went from a bar to bar all night. I was supposed to do a kinda video on it at first, but you know how things are when you are having too much fun.. You forget anything else haha!

I finally got to go the Steam Hellsinki! Which is a steam punk themed bar in Helsinki. It is gorgeous! I especially love how they did their toilets! Sorry I don't have a picture of that but you have to go see for yourself! We also went to the "Götan Maailma" which is kinda oddity antique store. It was a lot smaller than I had thought but there were still many pretty items that were a bit too much for my wallet I'm afraid.

I only bought some big round sunglasses from Aurinko since it's very hard to find the right kind anywhere.

We also went to the garden fair here in Pori a few weeks ago! From there I got these two cuties for my mom for mothers day. Both of them are already happily in her garden. The other one is a Banana Mint and I have no idea what the other one is in english but it's a "Riippuva verenpisara". Lazily translated "Hanging blood drop". It's gets the most beautiful flower!

In the gaming department I have been addicted to Heroes of Might and Magic III. I have loved this game ever since I was just a kid and I finally bought the add-on's I hadn't played before. It's so amazing.. You know, to have all this new content on the game you have played over and over again.. YES!

But yeah I'll be getting back to updating more often now. See you soon!