Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dead Souls

I'm glad it's warming up. It's the perfect weather to wear the vest I made recently! And this cross shirt I thrifted last week really goes with it! Sometimes it's nice to just keep things casual.

Scarf - Varusteleka
Bone hairpins - ebay
Vest - Flea market, mods by me
Hoodie - Boyfriends old one
Shirt - Flea market
Leggings - Flea market
Skirt - Flea market
Legwarmers - Done by my mom
Shoes - Some store in ideapark

Here you can see my fluff from behind, haha. I find it amusing how the cat looks at me on this one..  

It really pisses me off how many people call me trying to sell some shit. Every single time I get all excited thinking it's from the job place, and then get disappointed.

This morning I made a small order to Dracula Clothing.com. I have been longing for just the right kind of corsets, and so I decided to order a few, keeping in mind the upcoming summer events. Have any of you ordered from them? How long will they usually take with their shipping? I didn't find any estimates on their page.

Last weekend I was at my parents, and close-ish to them was this swap meet thing that they hold at the Teivo Racetrack. From there I didn't really find much. Just this Joy Division CD that I'm very happy to add to my collection. The tarot's were from a flea market.

I like to come to this meet every year at least once. It's fun to see how like 80% of the visitors have cool leather jackets.. And there's always this tuned out hearse that I have to go drool..


  1. I like how it turned vest at the end, and the outfit in general XD

    Ah, I found the Kalevala in the library of my village and translated to spanish! I really want to read it~~

    1. Thanks! ;)

      Oh really! That's pretty cool :D Please do tell me what you think after you have read it!

  2. Absolutely loooove! That Joy Division vest is lustful! haha ♡❤♡❤♡


  3. Ihanan inspiroiva asukokonaisuus jälleen kerran <3

  4. Replies
    1. Why thank you! I really liked it too. :) So comfy~