Thursday, 4 February 2016

Fairy child

 Fairies... I have been crazy about them for some weeks now. I used to not care learning about them when I was younger. But slowly I have been warming to them, and now I am obsessed.

I have been watching all the fairy related things on netflix and internet as well. Even tough the portrayal of them on some might be a bit odd. I even watched all the Tinkerbell movies, haha.

Even my ootd was influenced by fairies.

Shirt - Flea market
Lace shirt - Second Hand
Belt pocket thing - Second hand
Skirt - Ebay
Tights- Ebay
Boots - Demonia, Second hand

Love this belt pocket thingy that came with a skirt I got second hand! It looks great with a lot of skirts. One always need some pockets for your herbs and potions you know!

Some time ago I also bought some books and tarot cards from adlibris. I have been eager to do little fairy gardens and I can't wait for spring so I can get on it! This book about Fairy Gardening has great tips and ideas on it and it will be of great help.

Fairy gardens are great for balconies since you can do them on flower pots or baskets or... pretty much on anything!

I got these 2 copper cauldrons from a flea market and I thought they could make good fairy garden bases. For now my peas are using them.

After a long time I also got in to making patches again. I have been working on designs that will be on my etsy store in the near future. The Black Widow Sanctuary one and the fairy ones are designed by me, but those ones I made for myself. As well as the 2 others I got from google.

For a long time I have been feeling like I don't have anything going on with my life. Sure I have been distracting myself with these little projects of mine but it really gets a bit lonely, since my boyfriend has started going to work now. I feel like I really want to get out or maybe travel a bit every once in a while.

Hope everyone else is having a good day and will continue to have a great end of the week.
Have a magical weekend!


  1. I'm obsessed with fairies all my life, I don't know for why but I want to recommend you two books: Faeries, from Alan Lee and Brian Froud and good faeries / bad faeries, from Brian Froud. That books are precious and very interesting. I have a oracle about one of they XD
    The patches about the faerie and the mushroom are pretty, I like it.
    And... well, I understand you, now I feel like I'm losing the time, I don't know what to do and I'm doing little projects. I hope you change your situation, it's a strange feeling.
    Have a magical weekend too~~

    1. Thank you so so much for the recommendations! I added those to my adlibris: "To buy" -list! :')
      Yes, thank you. I thought about making lots of patches of magical creatures and sew them all in one vest. Would be so cool!
      It is strange. We'll have to see how things go. If I'll start a new school or not..?
      Thank you! <3

  2. Eilen pohdin postausta tehdessäni myös keijuja..Suomen mytologian näkökulmasta. Aika kaukana Disneyn keijuista sanoisin muinaisten suomalaisten uskomuksissa :D

    1. Hehe aivan varmasti ovat ihan erillaiset! Pitänee lueskella suomen uskonnonkin puolelta heistä, en edes tiennyt että täälläkin on ollut keiju uskomusta!

  3. I love your Outfits :))
    The patches are awesome too, my fav is the mushroom one!

    1. Thank you, so nice! ^^
      I really like the mushroom one too! They are such a fun patch theme.

  4. And another perfect outfit!
    I like those fairy patches. And I love those books, I think the fairy gardening one would interest me the most.

    1. Thank you sweetie!
      Yes the Fairy Gardening book is very informative!
      I'll be also doing a post about making a fairy garden when the spring comes! :)

  5. Hello. I love your blog and outfits.
    Sorry to ask you this but do you mind to share the link of this skirt? I'm looking for a cool skirt for a long time but is so hard to find.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! :)
      Of course I can look it up for you! But I got this skirt such a long time ago that I can't find you the original listing anymore. But I searched around and found this: Link to Ebay And I'm fairly sure it's the same one. Hope this helps! :)

    2. Thank you! 😄