Monday, 25 January 2016

Funeral of Feelings

I must be the most boring blogger ever. I hardly go anywhere. But on the other hand I do keep myself busy at home.

Skirt - Lip Service, second hand
Shirt - Divided, H&M 
Oh peep. I should have ironed the skirt. Hehe.
The temperature is now around 0 Celsius so now I'm dressing too warm. Oh well that's me. 

Coffin Ring - Ebay
Black round ring - Lindex
Skull ring - Cubus
Pentacle - Second hand
Last weekend we were at a funeral. I was mainly there to support my boyfriend. I had never met the person in question, but it still did make me so sad.

I have learned something about myself recently. I am a hyper sensitive person myself, and also when someone else feels emotional I feel them immensely. If I see, hear or feel a crying person I can't help but to break down myself. Even tough there might not be a reason for me to feel sad.

My whole life I have taught myself to feel what others feel and try to see what other people see. So I can understand them and their feelings better. There was so much sadness all around me at the funeral so I really had to work extremely hard not to break down.

Lately I have been having constant nightmares after another so I bought this little black notebook and decorated it with hot glue and paint. I used to have a dream journal but I suppose I have lost that at some point. The hot glue thing didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to, but it was good practice I suppose. Next time I'll know how it behaves.

If you happen to have a hot glue gun, this is a pretty cool way to make your journals interesting. Like make a pentacle or ankh or something like that. Then paint over it. :)

Also look at my new pretty coffin ring! I got it pretty cheapish ebay! It is supposed to be stainless steel and hopefully the silver color wont come off like in some cheap crap rings.
I'd give you all a link but it seems the seller doesn't have it up anymore, sorry.

New gaaameees! Yeah like I don't have enough games in the shelf that I haven't played yet... But my brother got me a gift card to gamestop as a late yule gift. With that one I got the Witcher 3. Very cool game, I just love open world fantasy~ Fantasy life is also pretty much open world fantasy as well. I found it used in the local game store, after trying to find it for a year.

In the Withcer I find the battle system pretty complicated so it definitely took some getting used to. But the card game in it is so fun!

I have gotten excited about "gardening" once again! Well really not much gardening to do in the balcony more like potting. Even tough the spring is still far away, it doesn't hurt to grow some stuff.. Some of these saplings are for the cats thought. Like the barley. Which are already bit munched on. There's also catnip but those haven't grown yet.

I am growing these things for the cats because I recently learned that the seeds they sell as "Cat grass" are poisonous for them. Which is pretty messed up.

I am also growing some peas. Some of them are for me, and some saplings I'll also try to feed to the cats.

Relating to plants are gardening I have also been very into something that I ordered some books about. I'll be making a post about it as soon as those arrive and I have gotten a chance to read some of them. I'll keep it a secret for now~ 


  1. Love your outfit. And I have a dream diary as well, and it works for me. And I love the idea with the glue, I think I am going to try that one when I get a new one.

    1. Thank you! :) Indeed I find that either talking about it or writing it down helps. + Writing should help to control the dreams eventually.
      Cool! Be sure to post a picture if/when you try it! ^^

  2. Long time no see ^^ I didn't tell you but the wig is really pretty.
    One thing... how do you know if you are hypersensitive?
    New games! Oh, I adore Fantasy Life, I hope you like it ^^

    See ya~~

    1. Indeed! Welcome back! And thank you, I really like it too. :)

      Hmmm. Not sure if hypersensitive is the correct translation, it might be "highly sensitive person, HSP". But I have made numerous test online, all confirming it. I have also read about it a lot and the descriptions really do match me very well, like sensor sensitivity, emotional intensity and depth of processing. But I suppose my first clue was that I start crying about the silliest things. If you search with "HSP test" on google you can find all sorts of tests if you want to test yourself.

      I do like it! I made a mage with 2 cats that have the same name as my 2 cats, haha! :'')

  3. Nyt on pakko kommentoida WITCHER ♥ Itse nimesin tuon omassa blogissani vuoden 2015 parhaaksi peliksi. :D En ole läheskään lähellä loppua, mutta ikävöin joka hetki tuon pariin. :D Loistavuus.

    1. Se on kyllä todella hyvä joten en ihmettele että nimesit! :D
      Tuntuu kyllä ainakin tässä alkuvaiheessa että siinä on tosi paljon tehtävää, että taitaa tulla jokunen pelitunti sen kanssa vietettyä.. :')

    2. Kyllä siinä tehtävää riittää ja pian tulossa lisäosakin jossa vielä lisää pelattavaa! o_o Pakko alkaa pelaamaan taas jotta pääsisi joskus läpikin. :D

    3. Juu niin on! Tosin en varmaan sitä ihan heti hanki muuten tekemisen määrä saattaa tuntua ylivoimaiselta. :'D Mukavia pelailuhetkiä! ;)