Saturday, 28 November 2015

Growth Spurt

 Last night I made a potion that grows your hair in one night...

Well not really! But I love this wig! I really missed having long hair and this makes my hair situation so much more bearable. It's the same style that my green Halloween wig was in my Halloween post:

Edit: Some people might want to know where the wig is from so I'll add a link here:
Ebay link

I backcombed the wig and keep it on a wig head so I can get my hair ready in like 2 seconds haha! That's new.

Anyway all the snow it gone and it's just raining at the moment. Sucky sucky weather.

And OH! I got a early ticket to see The Cure on Helsinki Finland next year!! It's the fan ticket which is supposedly nicer and more graphic than the tickets they are going to sell on Monday.

The getting of the ticket was a real mess! I woke up like 10.55 on Thursday and went to facebook. I noticed they are going to sell early tickets, I was like "Cool, I wonder when" "Thursday 26.11.2015 at 11.00". My eyes widened. I look at the clock.  It's 11.05. As fucking fast as I could I go to the where they sell them. At first it showed that they were all gone. But they have a really crappy system which means you have to keep  refreshing the page to get the ticket you want. If you get it.
I was so lucky to get the ticket pretty soon after that!

Then I of course I remembered that I need to get my friend one too! I wasn't able to tough, because it would not let me have 2 bills at once. But yeah, I am super happy that later that day she got a ticket too. After like hours of refreshing, haha. We both goth tickets in the area in front of the stage which is awesome. Hope we can get close to the band.

It has been my lifelong dream to see them live someday and I can't wait till next October! We also reserved a hotel already next to the concert place. IT'S HAPPENING.


  1. That wig actually looks like it is great quality as well! (probably too tiny for my head though -_-°) the more i think about it, i get sad i only bought a plain ticket for the cure (Cologne though) have fun there!

    1. It is actually pretty good quality. Something I did not expect out of a ebay wig. Well, my head is pretty large also... :')
      Well it's the same amazing experience, no matter what ticket one's got! :) You have fun too! ^^

  2. Wow! I think it's my favorite look! I love your hair and you are so cute ♥ !

  3. wow the way you styled the wig is absolutely fantastic!