Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Fairy Witchcraft

Same old same old. Lately I have just been daydreaming and reading.

I have also been stocking up my bookshelf and there is still some books on their way, can't wait to get those! I got these two books from adlibris. Buying these ones slightly reduced the clutter of books I have on my wishlist, but on the same day I added around 10 more books to it. I need books dammit! I'm so happy adlibris has no shipping costs, I don't have to worry about buying only few books at one time.

The Irish Witchcraft and Demonology was bit of a surprise. I mean size wise. It's like the size of a A4-paper or bigger..? And the content resembles more like a essay than a book, but despite that it's a pretty interesting publication.
As for Fairy Witchcraft, it is so very fascinating! I almost can't put this book down! Too bad it is so short. Around 100 pages.

Well I can't say we have been doing absolutely nothing... Yesterday we were at Yyteri. I wanted to walk around the nature paths but we were pretty tired since it was already pretty late. So we just wandered around and I collected some empty seashells from the beach. I would love to have someone to walk all the way to the sightseeing tower with me next time.

As for games. My boyfriend got me pokemon X for 3DS as a late birthday gift! Aw yisss! You just can't be too old for dat shit.


  1. The books look interesting and yeah, I feel the same when I buy a book is 'great, one less' but then you see a lot of books more that you want and is a endless loop... Well, I'm really interested by Fairy Witchcraft, I hope you talk about it~~

    Ah, the last photo is really pretty, now in my country go to the beach is like a suicide, too hot and sun... I hope you'll be better the next time to go to the sightseeing tower :)

    My boyfriend have Pokemon X too, maybe he let me some game about Pokemon, I never played one...

    1. I know right!? If I even had a little more money I would just only buy books, who needs food. xD Oh, maybe I will talk about it. I'll think about it when I have read the whole thing. :)

      Really, so hot and sunny? :) Haha, here it was very cold and windy this time of the year.

      It's a great game, if you ever have the change to play any of the pokemon games, I recommend trying! :)

  2. Wow! I'm in love with that dress! Great hood, beautiful thing. Your tights are perfect!

    1. Hehe, yeah it does look like a dress, but it's actually a skirt, a shirt and a infinity scarf!
      Thank you! I love the tights also. :)

  3. Can i just stay here and complimenting on your hair over and over again? ^^ oh and POKEMON <3

    1. Yes you may, haha xD
      Tho I can't wait it to grow a little bit more so I can dye it!
      Pokemooon! <3