Monday, 10 August 2015

Summer shenanigans + OOTD

About a week ago I went to see the Louhisaari castle-mansion. It was such a beautiful building and the interior was to die for! I don't have too much pictures from the inside since they prohibited photography. But I do recommend that you go and see it for yourself!

I only had my small pocket camera with me so the pictures are what they are, but try to bear with me. :')

It is said that the mansion is haunted by a woman who died sealed away in her own bedroom. We saw that bedroom and it was amazing... Would definitely love to spent a night there! Too bad that ain't allowed. While visiting I didn't sense any spirits though.

In the same day we also visited the botanical garden in Turku!
Here is some pictures from there.


It was a very pretty place also! 

After this trip I spend a day at my parents and then a weekend at my friends place. I had not seen her in a while and it was super nice to see her properly and catch up!

We toured some flea markets and stores in Jyväskylä, I didn't really find much. From some gift shop there, I picked up this skull mug and a coffin bottle opener, so cute!

After I got home I had a terrible urge to go trough all the flea markets in Pori and found some really nice stuff! The best thing is definitely this easel! It cost around 5€ and it can be folded so that it is super easy to carry around. I have wanted me own easel forever*, feeling so happy! 
(* I laughed so when I noticed how I wrote that part, but I decided to leave it like that... :D)

Also found this adorable partylite skeleton candle holder for a great price! 

Shoe tiiiiime! From different worlds.. The bottoms granny boots are from a flea market but the Funtasma "stripper" heels are from a facebook flea market. I just don't know what is it with stripper shoes I love so much. I want them all, and with mega platforms... 

Aaaand finallyy! New hair that I cut yesterday! I'm slowly getting bald.. Haha! I am planning to cut the rest (except my bangs!) off after I get bored with this hair. After that I'm planning to let it just grow super long! Good thing my hair grows pretty fast anyway. 

Next week I'm on my way to Helsinki for a few days! Me and my friend are going to Linnanmäki amusement park and loads of other awesome places! So stay tuned!  


  1. Toi sun uus tukka on tosi söpö! Katoin jo instassa sitä et hyvältä näyttää :)

    1. Voi kiitos! :) Aikas hauska siitä kyllä tuli!

  2. what a lovely garden! and you look amazing

    1. It is, and it was huuuuge! :) And thank you very much!

  3. super excited to see your hair changes and actually would love to see the bangs-only version XD

    1. Well I have some good news for you! I cut my hair like that last night, haha! I'll update some photos in the next few days! :')