Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lumous Gothic Festival 2015 + Video

We are back from the trip to Lumous and it turned out to be really fun! :) But now I am sick, yay. I kinda did feel a bit off the whole time I was there, so I guess it might have been the sickness coming down. 

But anyway here's the outfits and some other pictures! I was too lazy to haul the big camera around so there isn't that much pictures.

Day 1 Outfits

Mind you I was drunk as fuck when I put this outfit on.. As you can see I ended up wearing a lot of pvc. I have really warmed up to it, and now I just have to have anything pvc!

My friend took this one

Day 2 Outfits
aka. the dark market outfit. Why oh why was it so hot outside... qwq

We stayed at the Sokos hotel Villa which is pretty close to the club, so when out feet started hurting we just went to the hotel room to rest our feet. And believe me, my feet were killing me. I don't know what was I thinking when I thought I wouldn't need any flat shoes with me. I won't make that mistake with me.

We only went to the clubs and the Dark Market. The crowded bar just didn't feel like too inviting to us. I didn't buy anything from the dark market because I was kinda in a tight budget. How boring am I, haha.

 Das Ich and me and my friend! 
Ugh my face xD

And here is a video of the weekend! The clips are beyond random and 30% cats, so sorry about that.

Lots of fun, can't wait for next year. <3 p="">
On other notes is any one else super excited about the new Dragonball Super?! I just watched the first episode and I am just beyond sold, ahhhh! *Was, and is a huge Dragonball fan* The dragonball super directly continues where the Dragonball Z left.  


  1. In love with your outfits!
    They're really great! <3

  2. Wonderful selection of outfits! I'm particularly fond of the short PVC tutu!

    1. Thank you! And, yes it's one of the favorite pieces in my closet! :)

  3. I was at Lumous years ago, but noone was looking so good like you :) LOVE!

  4. So gorgeous, I love all the pvc!

  5. Your outfits are just so spectacular! Wish I could look that badass :D

    1. Haha, thank you so much! :) I'm a bit annoyed that I assembled my outfits and make up drunk, so they are annoyingly a bit off... But oh well 8D