Thursday, 27 November 2014

EMP web shop, part 2

This post is made in cooperation with web shop.

The first part you can find here: Part 1

These are the last 3 items I got from them.

I am wearing 2 of the things here. First off the Vixxins Bust Vest. The EMP web shop seems to be out of them. I think I got some of the last few ones. And I had to get it in size M because it's such a small size.

The other one is the Skor- bolero from Poizen Industries. which I am wearing under the vest. I like it a bunch, but The laces on the hood and on the arm things are waayy too long. I have to cut those shorter.

They are out of this product too, sorry! 

And lastly I have the Corded Skirt by Gothicana. I Have mixed feelings about this skirt. It's just way too long for my taste. Here in this picture above here, I have folded the end of the skirt so it appears the way I would just love it. And I might just sew it in place like this.

Here is the skirt in it's natural state. Which way would you guys like it?

I now realize that they do say how long it is on their website, but when I ordered, I just looked at the pictures where it's on someone who must be horribly long since it looks much shorter on her. (I'm 171cm) Oh well, nothing a good sewing wont fix!

All in all, I am mostly very happy on the stuff I got and it was nice to have this cooperation opportunity! Thank you.

Links take you to the Finnish EMP shop, but just scroll down the page and you will find their shops in different countries if you live somewhere else!


  1. EMP is such a wonderful site, they have so many beauthiful things!
    Pity I cannot ever afford them XD
    They look fab on you <3