Monday, 24 November 2014

All the RPG's

Last Saturday I was at the Alternative blogs Finland meet up. It was nice to see everyone, but I am just so bad in group situations that I just crash. Oh well.

Ugh yellow lamp makes me all yellow. After this picture I have been practicing using the camera settings better. It was pretty medium priced camera and there is a good amount of settings that I have quite not yet sank in. I'd like to learn to use it better.

More pictures from the meet up and so on you can find from my instagram: hukutettu_nukke
or Wanderin the Borderlands or Desperate Hell

Last week me and my boyfriend visited the local game shop. I got Ni No Kuni for ps3 and he got Diablo 3 for ps3. I got Ni No Kuni because my friend talked about it a lot and it seemed like a really nice game. And she was right. I just love these kinds of RPG games. Then we played Diablo 3, it's so much fun when you can get up to 4 players to play it in one console!

We have also been tossing the idea of getting the PS4.. Since the tax returns are coming next week! But we'll have to think it through!

School... school is horrible! I have so much to do before the end of the year! I just can't get anything started. I feel depressed, tired and overwhelmed.

Funny how school books just seem appalling, but Demonology books are like candy, ha! I can't wait for my new books to arrive!


  1. Omg I love Ni No Kuni! My fiance and I played it for hours. I'm a huge Ghibli fan so I was excited when I heard about this game and it definitely did not disappoint. :)

    1. I adore Ghibli also! And yes so far it does seem like a really good game with some Ghibli movie elements!

  2. Nice to see you, and love the hair btw!^^