Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Giveaway winners!

So, time to announce the winners of this Giveaway! I am going to ramble some stuff in the beginning of this post because I really don't want the winners to be shown in the intro post that pops up in either blogger or bloglovin. So everyone has to go all the way over to this post to find out if they have won, bwahahaha! The way I raffled the winners is I used this site called RANDOM.ORG. I just entered everyone's names + the extra tickets some got by mentioning this giveaway, and it randomly puts them in some order. So I just take the 3 first ones to be the winners!

Ugh blogger is being a bitch again and doesn't want to show me the post intros so i can't see how much do I still have to ramble on.

Well I imagine this is long enough don't you think so too?
I got 26 entries, that's great!

So the winners are...

1. Elisabet Addams

2. Sirja

3. Katariina

Yayy congratulations to the winners!

Thankyou everyone who took part of this contest. My business idea was over powered so I didn't win there, but this was fun anyway!

I will be contacting the winners shortly!

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