Saturday, 8 February 2014

D.I.Y weekend

This weekend has been nice, just doing bunch of my diy projects.

It's so damn hard to find a small sized black jean jacket. When one finally dropped in to my arms I just had to make it in  to a cool vest. Just one thing I am wondering, should I add more spikes to the back and the front of the existing ones? Like on the shoulder area, just cover that area with slightly smaller spikes? Decisions decisions...

This back patch I made maany many years ago and it has been looking for its place since. It has finally found it.

I also painted and cut this shirt. Old shirt, has been at the back of my closet for a long time, not anymore :) Looks so awesome when I wear it!

Also some fresh patches I painted yesterday! I tried doing some more today but for some reason my focus could not handle it today and my x-acto knife was all over the place. Maybe I am a bit too impatient.

This is not diy but I just wanted to share my sale/second hand findings! Love them all!

I have been having lady problems for days, and they have been baaaad as hell. It seems I hate everything now so I better stay indoors for a couple of days more ehehehe.

Off to beta test The elder scrolls Online! It's my new lover for this weekend. It's just fantastic game but of course I can't tell any more of it. ;)

Everyone remember to enter my giveaway! 6 days to go!
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