Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday - Oh, how I hate you!

I friggin hate Mondays, especially this one. I had school until 4pm and when I get home... Some builders in this apartment building started to drill the walls?? It was a horrible noise for a few hours. I almost lost my temper.

I bought Bioshock Infinite from Steam sale! I was downloading it all yesterday and today... My damn graphics card drivers were old. So after a hour of messing with that I try again. This time Steam stopped working. So I just calmly re-install it. For some fucked up reason, when I do that, all my games are deleted. It should not do that. Well... Now I have a bunch of games to re-install. I hope I get to play tomorrow.

And todayyy:

Well I guess I'll put this last weeks picture too.

I was supposed to make a really long opinion post, but I forgot half of the stuff I was supposed to write. I guess next time huh?


  1. Oh I know how you feel about the drilling! The same thing happened to me on a Sunday! A Sunday! The only day when I can sleep as much as I like :'( haha
    You look absolutely lovely! <3 Love the second outfit!

    1. I feel for you! They should ban drilling in apartment buildings @_@
      And thank you<3