Monday, 2 September 2013

The fuck??

Last night I woke up.. There was some (drunk I hope) asshole shouting in the front of our apartment building. He was with some poor soul who got locked behind the door. They both live in this building, but the poor soul didn't have a key to get inside. The asshole had, but he didn't let this guy in. The asshole shouted stuff like this:

"We don't let criminals in this building you fucking shit."
" Now days they let anyone live in here, all the bad people, the good people have to live in the forests."
" Only the scum of earth live in this building, except me, BECAUSE I GO TO WORK" ( He said that at least 20x times )
" Fucking people don't go to work because they don't go to school it's their own damn fault"
" Now days they let fucking immigrants live here too, whats their problem?"
" In midsummer, there was a child screaming, and no one went to help him, WHY DIDN'T YOU GO HELP??" ( x 20 times) ( Didn't know what this was about cause we were away at midsummer. But,first of all, I know for a fact that his own damn kids shout all day and all evening in front of this house, there is no reason for the shouting, they just fucking shout. Second of all, why did he GO HELP?

I had a problem with basically everything he said and all I wanted to do is to find a brick to throw at him. There was stuff much worse that he said, but I was tired and and just wanted to sleep so I don't remember all of it. In the end someone came and let the poor soul in. The asshole went quiet after that and I fell asleep pretty quickly.

But seriously what the fuck???

The day continued as it had started, carppy. When I woke up I felt that my head was about to explode. I took a Panadol but it didn't really help. I decided not to put on make up or anything. I just cant look good anyway is I feel as bad as that. I suffered all the way to lunch time, when I got my boyfriend to pick me up. I went home to sleep, I slept for like an hour. My head still felt really bad but I decided to go for the last hour of school. It was not a good decision. I felt like shit.

After I got home I slept another 3 hours, after this I felt much better. But Now I wonder if I can get any sleep at night..

I did take outfit pictures today but they all just looked like shit, maybe because I looked like shit today. So you get some pictures from last week.


  1. I-H-A-N-A toi pentagrammikaulakoru :O♥ ja ihana asu muutenkin, kuten aina C:::

  2. Oh Golly... there´s really mean people out there. And being drunk is not a real excuse to behave like that. I wish that kind of people were sent to re-educational centers, or something like that, so they could learn some empathy.

    I hope you don´t have to deal with that again ♥

    Best regards!

    1. They really should have a place like that. Thank you dear!

  3. People can be so stupid sometimes.
    Drunk, mean and stupid. a very bad mix :/
    Hope everything will be fine from now on <3

    1. Yeah very stupid. x_x
      Thanks, at least nothing woke me up last night ;D