Tuesday, 13 August 2013

First school days + the outfits

It has been rather interesting. The current school is the biggest one I have been in. Kinda feels weird being around that much people, I feel a bit uneasy. Not to mention that we spent hours making folders to computers, talking about wasting time..

I ordered a bat necklace from etsy some time ago. It's so cute~ It was cheap, I wondered about than. The bat is nicely done but the chain is the thinnest chain I have ever seen. I may change it later. Before I brake it..

( sorry for the webcam pics ;D ) 
Tadaahhh I ordered some chainss and lockss, I was supposed to use the other chain for the bat, but I ended up using them for something else. Hehehe. I ordered them from Troublemaker Trading Oy ( they only sell to Finland ) They have some pretty cheap chains and locks and so on.

Outfit on the first day. Damn hair got all flat in the middle of the day :I

Oh and I bought this batman lunch box, I'm going to use it as a necklace box ;D

And this is the todays look, ohh I love this velvet shirt. :) Haha it feels so nice to be able to dress to somewhere.. I don't bother when I just sit at home but school is good enough excuse. 

Woot woot, some tights from china! I may use the web ones tomorrow hmmm..
Oh wells cya later.


  1. Oih, Batman rasia :D ja ihania sun vaatekokonaisuudet! :3 Mahtavia koruja ja yksityskohtia, aina heräilee askartelu- ja koruhimo täällä :D

  2. Ihana tuo Batman rasia, voi että :D Ja tykkään hirmupaljon tosta mustasta pitkästä neuleesta (?) mikä kuvissa :-)

  3. Sulla on kyl aina niin ihania koruja :3! Mistä oot hankkinu tuon kaulapannan? Ite oon koittanu kattoa tuommosia pantoja monestakin paikkaa, mutta mun eteen osuu aina vaan liian järeitä sellasia :D
    Missä koulussa muutes alotit jos saa udella?

    1. Voi kiitos :> Kaulapannan oon ostanu joskus second handina, valitan. :'D Aloitin Porin Winnovassa liiketalous puolella. :)

  4. So lovely tights! <3 <3 <3
    I have a similar bat necklace! it's so amazing!
    You have such a wonderful taste :)