Thursday, 1 August 2013

A creative day

Today I had a feel of doing something creative. So I dug at my closet and found this vest, on which I had drawn the trollface at the back of. Some may remember the post I did about it some time ago. On the front I added some patches, studs and so on. 6 of those patches I have done myself.

I also added this one patch at the back

I also got this fake leather vest from the flea market.

But I need to carefully think what I want to add to it, and where. Fake leather is a tricky material when it comes to tuning. Every needle hole can be seen so you need to really be careful. Any ideas?
I'm thinking of putting my The Cure back patch at the back..

Also added some stuff to my bag.

Well I guess that was it. I'm a bit nervous starting school soon, but I reckon it's only normal.


  1. I love what you did to that vest! I would suggest adding spikes to the leather vest (even though I've seen lots of mainstream clothing with spikes), it would look amazing!

    One of my favorite lyrics from a favorite band is on your bag! Love VNV Nation <3

    1. Yeah! Spikes would work out nicely :) Just need to figure out the placing, hmmm...

      Ohh cool that you like VNV Nation too! I was wondering when someone notices! :D

  2. Your vest is looking awesome! I have a fake leather vest too and I haven't put anything on it for the same reasons.

    1. Thanks! Haha! glad I'm not the only one with the problem x)

  3. Oh wow!!! You're such an artist!
    I love the work you've done on both things!
    and Yay for VNV Nation <3 I'm so in love with the stitches on that patch *_*

    1. Oh thankyouuu, you make me blush :')
      yay, more VNV Nation fans<3