Sunday, 14 July 2013

New things and crazy

Back hooome~

Just got home from my trip. Phew, I made a horrible mistake when I decided to put on so much clothes. I almost died in the train because the sun just tried to kill me.

I made these things on my combat boots from old stockings. Just wanted them to look a bit different. Oh how very dirty they are...

Didn't buy much at my trip. Got this bone key chain and an old batman button. A grand total of 1.10e spent.

These I got before I left, from a flea market. Been looking for a collar like that for ages!

Talking about things that I have been looking for ages.. This striped jacket thing~ ( Was so lazy that didn't even take it out of the closet. ) A big thanks for Siiri who gave me a tip that she found hers on H&M. I went to get it the next day :'D. There was only 2 left at that time, lucky me that it was my size.

Ugh, I have to take the second part of the driving school around these months.. Good thing that they cant take my licence away anymore hehehe...

Oh dear I miss my boyfriend so much.. I have been having these strange ideas since he left. Today I thought that I would be cool to take a some sort of speakers, play Blutengels - Dancing in the light, go to some train station at night, and just dance alone there... What..

Also I saw this dream that I had short hair, around my shoulders. I'm considering to cut them that way. Then I saw a second dream in the train. I had this great mohawk with a 1mm length sidecuts and bangs. Ohhhh now that's coming after the short hair.


  1. Oh my God!
    I totally freaked out seeing your boots! I mean...I adooooore the stockings you put on them!!! it's genial!!! *_*

    1. hehe ^^ Its nice that you like them, I wasn't sure about them first but they ended up looking pretty neat! :)

  2. Pakko sanoa, että ihan älyttömän hienot kengät sinulla! Taidan varastaa idean ja tehdä omiin kenkiini samanlaiset :--D Muutenkin ihania vaatteita, tuli hirveä hinku uudistaa omaa vaatekaappia ;--;

    1. Thanks! :D Siitä vaan, vanhoja sukkiksia tai muita sukkahommeleita silpomaan! Ja joo tois uudistamishinku on itsellänikin päällä juuri tällä hetkellä :3

  3. Voi mitä kaikkea kivaa! Ja musta oli kerranki apua hihii xD ^^

  4. ihana asu ja tuo takki <3