Monday, 10 June 2013

Green thumb

I have been feeling so unreal these past days. I was so excited to get to the entrance exams and now it feels like they never happened. Like they were just a silly dream.

I feel like I have nothing to wait for. Like my life has no meaning. On Friday they will hopefully release the acceptance info on my backup school. Even though I am waiting for it, it feels so far away.

To make myself feel a bit better, I went to the flea market, from there I got a nice bunch of clothes and a bag with just 10 euros. The good feeling didn't last long. Didn't surprise me anyway.

I stuffed some greens on our balcony. A strawberry plant and the other one is some sort of crass. There's also a crystal on this here chair. To make my plants feel more powerful.

Well, at least there's already bunch of strawberries on their way.

I'm also trying to grow some flowers. I have a suspicion that the cat has been eating some of these.. Also cat dropped their flower pot once. Poor little ones.

Got these spice shaker things some time ago. Forgot to put stuff in them. Forgot to do a lot of things.

Last night was tolerable. I watched the kitten cam on here: Mythbuster Kittens
And used this: MapCrunch to play a little game that I found on the internet. MapCrunch is a kind of google maps. When you go there it randomly throws you to some part of the world. The idea is to find a airport to get back home. You can't zoom out, even if you wanted to. You're stuck just trying to read the signs and figuring stuff out, while seeing all the beautiful views all around the world. Last night I got thrown in the middle of a forest in Japan. I got from there to a city, but could not find an airport. After a good 2 hours of trying, I had to give up. It is hard, I admit it, but the places you find are just too beautiful. It's a lot of fun too!
You can also pick the country where you want to be thrown if you want.

Didn't know there is Coca Cola machines all around country side in Japan?! I swear, like every 1km theres a cola machine again...and again.. and again... In the middle of the forest too??

(suddenly english? Mietin blogin kielen muuttamista englanniksi, jos jollakin on vahvoja tuntemuksia englannin keltä vastaan voi toki laittaa anomuksen tulemaan. :) )


  1. Olt niin kaunis. ^^ Ihana mekko!

  2. Ihan hyvää enklantia sää kirjoitat. Voimia tyhjiöön, tiedän miltä se tuntuu! Kiitos pelisuosituksesta!

    1. Kiitos kovasti! Se on kyllä tosi jänskä peli, varsinkin jos on tylsää. :P

  3. I know how you feel. Like lost in the nowhere eventhough you have good news and stuff. Good feelings don't last long. I know and it's a terrible feeling.
    Hope you get better soon <3 Thanks for writing in english :D

    1. Yeah it is :c But thank you, I'll try. :3
      And yeaah, I think I will write mostly in English from now on :D

  4. This makes me feel really happy :D
    Hold on, it will get better, trust me!

  5. Moi! Löysin sun blogisi äskettäin ja tämä vaikuttaa tosi kivalle!
    Miltä tuntuu muuten asua nyt porissa, asun nimittäin itsekin täällä?:D

    Sitten kysyisin vielä semmoista, kun katselin vanhoja postauksiasi ja siellä oli tuommonen Hell Bunnyn pvc tyllihame. Niin mitä kokoa se mahtaa olla, kun itse olen ostamassa samaista hametta, pinkkinä tosin... Niin onko ihan normaalia mitoitusta, vai pienempää kenties?

    1. No sepä kiva :)
      Oon kyllä kieltämättä pitäny Porista tosi paljon. Jotenkin vaan tämä yleistunnelma on tosi mukava. Hankala selittää :'D

      Oman hameeni on S kokoa. Käytän xs-s kokoa ja kyllä se hame on kuitenkin vähän liian iso mulle. Se näyttäisi parhaimmalta kun sitä pitäisi ylä-lantiolla mutta mulla se tippuu aina ala-lantiolle. Että ei ainakaan ole pientä mitoitusta sen voin sanoa. :) En mene vannomaan mutta mielestäni normaalista vähän isohkoon.