Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Yassss! The work had ended. Though I was kinda sad that I didn't get to continue because I made so many friends there. But I am still mostly relieved. No more aching back nor aching anything. Time to look for something else!

At least I have lots of time to blog now, hehe. I already ended my moomin marathon and I guess I need something to do. Maybe some flea market touring... 

Dress - Ebay
Gloves - Ebay
Shoes - Fantasy shoes, second hand
Skirt under the dress - Punk Rave, Second Hand
Ring belt - Glitter
Other belts - Flea markets
Hair rose - Flea market

To celebrate the end of my work, and also my upcoming birthday, I just booked me and my boyfriend a 3-day trip to Stockholm! We're leaving in two weeks and I'm so excited! Going to take a lot of pictures and shop all the shops!

I do like to read, but for some reason I have never really read much anything from H. P. Lovecraft. How crazy. But now I have decided to fix that, since I found this 900 page monstrosity form the flea market! Now I should have plenty of time to read as well.

Also another thing from the flea market is this Digimon game! I remember always wanting this as a kid but it never really came up. Now it's finally time to whack this crazy game! 

Hope your week is going well!