Saturday, 20 August 2016


Today was nice. I went flea market shopping with Leena
I found 2 dvd's and a kite! But anyways I had fun even tough I was so tiered after a long workweek.

My back has been aching for a week now, so I'm glad that next week will be my very last week of work... I hope... I'm going to need some serious de-stressing afterwards. I'm going to built a fort on the couch and watch all the moomin episodes! Very adult.

Vest - Flea market
shirt - masquerade, their website
Belt - Storenvy
Skirt - H&M
Stockings - H&M
Shoes - Flea market 
 The dvd's I got were interview with the vampire, and one moomin dvd to add to my collection! Yay! 

When we were leaving the flea market we encountered a cool older woman who was so excited to see a Joy Division patch at the back of my vest. She said she was surprised to see younger people these days listening to them, since she used to listen to them a lot back at the 80s. Also she told us how hard it used to be for her to get a hold of the records back then. Especially here in Finland I can imagine the struggle. Hehe, wonder what she dressed like back then...?

Here's the kite! It's a bat! So cool! Some of these days I'll go flying it with Leena since she got one too! Just hope I don't break it first thing.

Hope ya'll having a nice weekend! What have you been up to? :)


  1. You look so awesome! Lol and I thought I was the only one who liked to go fly kites! And it's a bat! I'm working through this weekend sadly

    1. Thanks! Hehee, but it is so fun! Going to be even more fun with a bat one! :'D Aww naww, hope you'll have some time off in the week then!

  2. Yeaahh can´t wait to try the battie!