Friday, 22 April 2016

The Spider Queen

I had been searching for a some kind of a tiara or crown to finish some of my looks, but I really didn't find any good ones online or anywhere. There were some pretty ones in etsy but I don't have that kinda money to spend right now. So I just made one from barbered wire. This crown I made is the very fist one I made. It's pretty nice and pretty much what I was looking for. But it's a bit too big. I have another one in the making, very similar to this but the height is 1/3 of this ones. More for the everyday wear.

Shirt - Flea market
Corset - Dracula Clothing
Crown - Me
Cuffs - Red cross flea market
Belts - Flea markets
Skirt - Flea market
Bag - Second hand, Alchemy Gothic

Also my corset order from Dracula clothing came! This is the other waspie that came. The quality on this one is fantastic, they have steel boning, and I just adore short corsets! After a lot of thinking, I got a size 24, after reading their size information's of course. It's a ok size for me but maybe size 22 would have been a better choice. Well at least there is still some room to tighten. + I can wear many layers under it without it being too open at the back. I just love my layers haha.

I have a small complaint about the pvc one I ordered. Why would you pack a pvc corset in a grey/clear plastic baggy? Nononono! It was very well stuck to it when it came and left slight marks, but I don't care since they are only visible in the right light, and I kinda bought it more for bar/klub wear. But in the back the pvc had a biggish scratch which also kinda bummed me out. But it's at the back so I can't be bothered to return it after waiting 2 weeks.

But yeah, if you decide to order a pvc corset form them, you might want to request them to NOT put the pvc corset in a plastic bag. Or maybe I'm just a bit of a perfectionist sometimes.

But well.. Queens are allowed to be demanding!

I love this skirt! I found it two days ago at a flea market (like everything ever). It's just the kind I was looking for! And to think I almost thought 5€ was too much to pay for it.

Tomorrow there's a garden fair here in Pori and we are pretty much thinking about going. They give out mustard and 50 liter bags of soil to some of the first ones there lol. Probably we won't be one of the first ones there tough since my boyfriend is not a morning person at all.

Only like 5 days to my Helsinki trip! Gahhh! Can't wait!

In the gaming world.. I have been playing, or more like trying to play the "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines". It's a damn old game but it's amazing.. It's kinda vampire RPG, and I can't figure out why hasn't anyone made a newer vampire RPG. I would play the shit out of it!

The Bloodlines is friggin scary tough. At the moment I am at this abandoned mansion hotel and there's all sorts of very creepy ghosts and scary things happening all the time. It really scares me so I have to play it like 10 minutes at the time. I'd just hope I can get out of the mansion soon.. But other than that there is also this cool night club where you can dance and it's run by vampires... How can you not just love that!?


  1. Aaaah VtmB on paras peli ikinä! Ostin sen sillon 2004, kun se ilmesty, ja oon pelannut sitä aika lailla säännöllisesti sieltä asti. Oon toivonnu, että siitä tehtäis jokin päivitetty versio, koska vaikka se edelleen hyvä onkin, niin kyllähän siinä ikä jo painaa.

    Ja kun valittelit uudempien vampyyri-RPG-pelien puutteesta, niin viime vuonnahan tuli semmoinen kuin BloodLust Shadowhunter. En oo ite sitä pelannu, mut se on kai vissiin saanu ihan hyvän vastaanoton. Ja sit on tulossa Dogma: Eternal Night, joka kylläkin on MMORPG, mut ootan sitä aika innoissani. :)

    Lisäksi näytät taas upealta, kuten yleensäkin. :) Hieno toi tekemäsi kruunu! Ja harmi, että PVC-korsetti oli kärsiny matkalla. :<

    1. Aijaa! Vautsi :D Se on kyllä todella hyvä! Saisivat kyllä tehdä, aij että kun tuon saisi nykygrafiikoilla. *w*

      Juu minulla on se BloodLust steamissa toivelistalla.. Jostain syystä se ei kuitenkaan antanut minulle semmoista "must have" vaikutelmaa mutta mistäpä minä tiedän kun en oo pelannut myöskään. Ehkä se joku päivä kilahtaa ostoskoriin.. :D Tuosta Dogmasta en ole kuullutkaan pitääpi tutustua! Harmi vaan että näissä MMORPG peleissä ei ole yleensä läheskään niin lumoava ilmapiiri mutta ei sitä ikänä tiedä!

      Voi kiitos! <3
      Noh semmoista sattuu! :D

  2. Your outfit is amazing like always. I love your style. :3
    And that tiara is great :O ♥ Would you mind if I tried something similar? I was thinking about a spider-queen theme for a photoshoot, for a while now, and a spiderweb crown would be amazing. O:)

    1. Thank you so much lovely!
      I don't mind at all, feel free! ^w^ I would really like to see the result, the theme sounds awesome! c:

  3. Mahtava tuo tiara, innolla jään odottelemaan miltä pienempi versio tulee näyttämään! :)

    1. Kiitoksia! Sain senkin jo valmiiksi joten se näkynee seuraavassa postauksessa. :>

  4. Your tiara looks perfect! And that long skirt looks regal on you. VtmB is a great game

    1. Thank you so much! I'm kinda mixed about long skirts because they look so majestic, but I also want to show off my legs all the time, haha! :> It sure is!

  5. I'd be super interested in a DIY/How-To to make an awesome tiara like yours, should you be willing to make one...! I love it!

    1. Really? Ahh well, I'll most definitely think about it! :)