Sunday, 10 January 2016

Midnight Gypsy Alchemy -review + ootd

The frost outside is letting up a bit. Not much, but so much that I can somewhat use holey stuff.
Tough our living rooms door to the balcony is very badly insulated. So it leaks the cold in very sufficiently. + The landlord is so cheap ass that they wont increase the heat. Even a few Celsius drop feels cold when talking about the warmth of the living spaces.

This is how I feel about the frost:

Dress - H&M
Ankh - Backstreet
Cross hairpin - Gift from a friend
Everything else - Thrifted

And now in to the review! 

In etsy I came across this store called Midnight Gypsy Alchemy. They sell perfumes, bath salt, scent candles etc. All the perfumes had such magical names and the descriptions really drew me in. So I bought myself a sample set of 4. I got to choose the scents myself.

The packaging is was gorgeous!

It revealed this beautiful box and the description cards of the scents that I chose.
Magick & Moonlight, Ancient Oak, Into the woods, La Mariposa. If you want to read about these scents there's a descriptions on the etsy page. 

Surprisingly the package included some bath salts! It was such a nice surprise. Even tough I don't have a bathtub. I think I will either use it for a foot bath or give it away to someone with one..

As for the scents. They all have such wonderful and rich aroma. My two favorite ones were La Mariposa and Magick & Moonlight. These ones I have tried on my skin. At first I thought La Mariposa would be too much for me, but when I had a small amount of it on my skin.. I couldn't stop sniffing it!  
This will probably happen with the other two scents too. 

I'm so bad at describing scents so I won't be doing that now.
I will definitely order some more samples and a bigger bottle of the Magick & Moonlight. 

I have to say I have never been a perfume kind of person. I have always hated the ones they sell in stores... But theeeese, these are my kind of scents!

A big + for the free shipping, even tough it came all the way from USA! 
A small - for the sample bottles which were so tight and pain to open. xD But I suppose it's also a good thing that they won't open on the way.

And no, I didn't get anything free etc. Just thought maybe you would be interested! :)


  1. Uuh, menen heti katsomaan, kuulostaa ihanalta! Ilmaiset postitkin vielä, Jenkeistä kun ne on välillä ihan törkeät...

    1. Juu, menee helposti moneen kymppiin postikulut kun koittaa tilata rapakon takaa. Vaikka olisikin kuinka pieni tilaus. :D Suosittelen tsekkaamaan!

  2. That's a great outfit! In the second picture you remind me so much of Death in the Sandman comics, when she is angry with Dream at the end of the first book. I had a geek moment there! XD

    I tried some Midnight Gypsy Alchemy a few years ago and really enjoyed them! They have such beautiful presentation! realy pretty! I liked Into The Woods and Ancient Oak and I rather loved Mandrake Garden. I definitely would have bought a bottle of the last one if the scent had had better longevity on me. Have you tried any other indie perfumes?

    1. Thank you! Hahaa, I should really read the Sandman sometimes. Everyone seems to like it so much. :')

      Ohh I'll have to test the Mandrake garden too! I'm pretty pleased on how long they last on my skin.
      No I haven't tried any other. Have any good suggestions? :)

    2. Sandman is awesome, sooo good!! And there is a lot of goth and punk style inspiration there too! Here is the pic I was thiking of:

      I tried a lot of different Indie brands way back when... depends a bit what kind of scents you are looking for but the ones I enjoyed the most overall were Solstice Scents, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL), Darling Clandestine and Alkemia. They all have slightly different styles... BPAL makes the darkest, most gothic, perfumes I think. Darling Clandestine is wonderfully whimsical, lots of sideshow/circus-inspired stuff... Solstice Scents is more witchy and Alkemia more historically inspired. They are all good though! :)

    3. Hahaa xD The expression definitely is similiar!

      Oh wow so many cool brands! *w* I'm definitely going to try at least some of those. Thank you so much for bringing all these to my attention!

    4. It is rather spot on! XD

      Have fun exploring!

  3. Voi että miten upeasti pakattu nuo tuoksut! Täytyi heti käydä väijymässä valikoimaa, ainakin tuo Ancient Oak kuulosti ihanalle :)

    1. Niin ovat kyllä! Heillä on kyllä estetiikka niin kohdillaan. :) Se on kyllä ihana luontoisa tuoksu!

  4. You look gorgeous! <3

  5. Etsy has amazing perfume sellers <3 thanks for letting us know about this one! And as always beautiful outfit!

    1. Indeed it does! And no probs, people should be made aware of amazing things! ^^ And thank you so much!