Sunday, 17 August 2014

Gothic shoe collection, in pictures

I had the poll where I asked that what way would you like to see my shoe collection. Picture post won 6-10. So here we gooo! I'll start from the boring ones and  make my way to my lovely darlings. :)
Sorry, some of them are dusty or in cat hair.

First off, some comfy shoes. The right ones are pretty new, I use them at work. I got them from Halpa Halli, cost around 2,10€. And the left ones I have had for a loooooong time full of holes and look pretty crappy. But I still use them sometimes. I think I got them from Kuljun kartano.

Then we have my converse knock offs. I have used them a lot in past summers. But this summer, not so much. They were from a shoe shop in Ideapark some years ago.

Then there's my combat booties. The ones at the back I have been using like 5 years. Pretty beaten up. I originally got them from a shoe shop in Tampere. The ones on the front are ones I got from a flea market, just some months back. They were cheap (8€) and in very good condition so I tough that they would be a good replacement for my old ones.

My only flats. These were bought for my graduation ceremony and stuff. I have only wore them once or twice after that. I don't really like flats at all.. They are so ugly, uncomfortable and.. just no.

  Then we have my long combat booties. Got them second hand, but they were in pretty good shape, but I think I do have to get new strings on them sometime soon.

 Leather heels, I got them from my mom a really long time ago. I keep them around because they go really well with some longer skirts.

And then these weird shoes. I got them from a flea market some time ago. They were like few euros and I sometimes wear them under some really long skirts.

My motorbike heels. From a flea market also. I just fell in love with them for some reason.

Every goths necessity. Some granny heels! Also from a flea market with few euros.

 Squeaky booties! They are some sort of plastic so they get hot and squeaky. Still like them. Flea market also.

Only shoes I have that are from H&M. And the fake leather started to peel after the first use. Way to go H&M. Good thing I got them from a sale.

Feet killer heels! There were a souvenir from Lithuania. I guess that's the only reason I still have them. You can't walk 10 meters with them without your feet getting killed. They are pretty though.

Monster shoooees! They are super heavy and cat has chewed on the shoelaces. I got them many years ago from a shoe shop in Ideapark.

Short motorcycle boots. Flea market find also.

Then there's my long moto booties. Flea market all the way.

Weird studded shoes. Guess someone got them from andiamo originally. But I got these from the flea market of course. ;)

Vagabond wedges. Flea market, only few euros. Weeee~

Another pair of granny heels. Flea market, flea market..

 Some weird demonia knock off shoes. Got them second hand.

And some genuine demonias. But I don't remember the exact name. Second hand.

 Demonia clash 430. I have taken the chain off, Didn't like it much. These are second hand also.

Some more second hand demonias. Gothika 200 if I remember right.

And then their sisters, Demonia Gothika 209. Second haaaand.

Demonia rangers I guess these are the newest of my shoes. But second hand also. :)

My demonia swing 815's. Second haaaand.

Demonia Swing 220's. As second hand as second hand can be.

Here we have the c-c-c-combo breakerrss, they are actually from Pennangalan. But yes, second hand.

Last but not least. My winks from Not sure about the brand, but I adore them.

In total I have 30 pairs of shoes. But how many is too much? I personally think I don't have too much shoes. But I think if the number would ever go over 50 pairs. I would think about getting rid of some. Depends on how much storage I have at the moment.

But this does give me some prescriptive, I seriously thought I had a lot less shoes. Why is it that I never find good shoes to match my outfit? Ehehe.

How may shoes do you have?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Voodoo Doll

Hi! Some time no see. Well my camera is finally back from the repair shop. Well actually they decided not to repair it and just gave me a new one. Hehe. Also I have crossed to the unknown and got myself on smart phone era. Oh dear. 

So that means I have an active instagram account now! My instagram name is: hukutettu_nukke

The summer is already gone? Oh noes.. And the school/work starts tomorrow. I'll be working at a pet shop for the next 2 months. I am excited to work there but then again.. it's work. I have been just laying on the bed for the last 2 months, so it will be quite a change.

I have sosososo many flea market finds to report. But I just don't have the energy to document them all. So I'll just give you a little taste. You'll see me wearing the rest sooner or later anyway.

First I have this Voodoo Doll, that I found from the flea market. It's more like a traditional voodoo doll, with the wooden head and stuff. It cost like 3 euros, so I had to add it to my cabinet of treasures.

Next up is some new jewelry. All awesome second hand finds. Cross: 2€, coffin: 1.90€, rib cage: 3€, Big alchemy bat: 10€ 

And this is from the flea market trip that me and my friend and her friend made today. I just love love love it! It was only 3€ And I got another one that is very similar to this but it has white details. I also got a really nice jacket. But you'll see them later. 

I have also gotten something interesting.

I borrowed the pic, from google.
I got a camera stick thing! It was 3 euros from ebay, and it's really worth it. It feels really durable and it can stretch around 1 meter. It's just awesome for taking pictures with weird angles.

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