Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Call of Midnight

I can't wait for it to get really warm, so I can put on only fishnet tights.

I got another genuine leather jacket, second hand of course. The leather is so thick, I think it will never break. The style and size is absolutely perfect. 

Lately I have been making jewelry. Nooo not all of these though. Some of them I have only made new chains to. 

I got these little bottles from ebay, and the pentacle from a necklace I broke some time ago. I screwed a tiny hook in the cork of the bottle.  Though I can't figure out what to put in the little bottle. I bought some fake blood for it already but I'm not sure about it..?

We were at Yyteri last weekend. It was so warm so we took the cat with us! Though the cat doesn't like wind at all so it might have not been such a good idea. We took him near the ocean and he just jumped on my lap and hid his head in my hoodie.

He liked the woods near the beach much better. Many interesting smells.
There would have also been a nature trail. 3,7km, but we ran out of time and maybe it's better to go without the cat. One of these days.. 
Good thing that Yyteri is so close, so I can pop there whenever I want really.

Last but not least, a little drawing bug, bit me!
Don't ask.

I have nothing to do for May Day, as always. But I'm hoping my friend will have time to play some minecraft with me on Friday. With beer of course! 

Have a good May Day everyone!

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