Monday, 24 March 2014

Let me predict your faith

Today's Moomin episode, "The Witch" was pretty right on how I felt to dress like today. Sometimes I just feel very witchy. So I just have to put on some "granny heels", long skirt, lace shirt and large ankh.

But now I feel that tomorrow will be a completely different. Maybe those combat boots that my father fixed. A really short skirt, some chains... My new leather jacket of course.

Aghghggh, has my bangs already grown that much? That just sucks, I need to cut them again and sometimes I just can't get them to be straight. So frustrating. Might be a time to get some hair color too.

Eep, I got myself Tarot Cards! I have been wanting them forever so I just had to buy this cheapo deck that you can find in almost any bookstore in Finland. Maybe when I'll get better with them I shall get a new and prettier cards. Alchemy Gothic ones are pretty damn beautiful. I feel so excited to practice some readings! If I could only find someone to accept one...

Also I got myself a new ankh! I just love big ankhs and I was sooo happy to find this ankh that was even bigger than my old one. My old one has been loosing it's color and I just can't never seem to remember to buy some silver nail polish or paint to "repaint" it.

If anyone is looking for a big ankh they have these big ones in ebay!
Here's the link if anyone might want one: ebay link
They are pretty cheap and you can get them in gold or silver, what ever suits you.

I may take some suggestions on what posts would you like to see. So hit me. I'm planning the "my day" in video but I always always always forgot to get my camera before I put my make up on, silly me.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Earn your bat wings

It's fun to modify your old clothes. I had this skirt that was too big for me and I really never wore it. First I made it fit me better. After that I Made a black flag patch and sew it on there, then I took this long piece of fabric that I have cut from some other old cloth before, and made it in to a weird strap thing. Then I took some ripped flowy fabric that I had lying around and sew it at the bottom. I also had a vision of sewing some old web tights around the skirt, but I haven't got around to do that yet.

Ugh I feel so naked without any lipstick. So after these pictures I went to put some on. I have a sort of weird addiction to it. Also my collar.. Just have to wear it with everything apparently.

Did you earn your bat wings yet? I did!

Oh maan I love this new backpack! I have been looking one just like this forever.

The increasing light is somewhat okay, I mean I feel like I have more energy, also it's easier to wake up at 6 am when it doesn't feel like midnight. Buuutt I keep forgetting to bring my sunglasses with me. And because of that I feel like my eyes are going to burn off. I guess my eyes are a bit sensitive to too much light.

I can't wait for summer though. I am going to meet some fantastic people and hopefully make some new friends. Well.. It's really hard for me but I can at least try? Just hope for the best.
I also can't can't CAN'T wait for Lumous Gothic Festival! I have never been but I have been wanting for so looonng! Any other festival would be awesome too if I could only get someone to go with me..
I have been starting to save up for summer, I hope I don't get any temptations to buy stuff from internet. So far so good, eh.

Well that's it for now.
Talk to you later little bats~

Friday, 14 March 2014

Chain yourself

Chains chain chains, oh I want to put them everywhere. On my shoes, on my belt, on my head, on mt shirt.. I have to get some more chain to do that though!

I wanted to really take all what I can get from the warm weathers and but on something lighter. Not that it matters how cold is it outside, I almost always have light clothes.

My boyfriend asked why I do I have so many belts but no pants to hold up with them. I dunno. 
When I was younger I used to wear lots of belts with pants, layered them, later I felt it was stupid because they didn't hold anything up. But then again nothing makes sense in the world so I might as well tie a shark around my waist. Now I feel the need to wear all my belts at once. Ehee.  

Oh it so bothers me that I did not wear a necklace with this! My neck area looks so very empty, it's almost sad.

Sigh, another boring Friday night, no money, no place to go, nothing to do. Maybe I'm just going to wash my face and sink down under the blankets and watch some Munsters that my friend burned for me. They always cheer me up.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Do I look like I care a shit?

A photo from last week.

When I got in to the bus today, I felt the eyes on me. Looking at me every move. I know what they were thinking. "Please don't sit next to me, oh please" I find seats all to myself. I take a glimpse to the other side of the bus. Two younger girls look at me straight in the eyes, then moving their eyes up and down. They don't even try to hide it. I stare back at them for a while and give them a smile. They suddenly turn away.

I'm off from school. I missed my first bus so I decide to walk to the further away bus stop, to pass the time. I'm half way there. A bus is driving past me. The driver looks at me like he's seen a ghost. I can see him looking over his shoulder many times. Why isn't he watching the road? I see someone waving in the next bus stop. The driver drives past. The person at the bus stop looks pissed.

I'm standing at the bus stop. I still have 15 minutes of waiting to do. The clock strikes one. From a distance I see a huge heard of middle school students heading my way. I start looking at the ground. It's an interesting ground, lots of small rocks and.. leaves. I lift my eyes a bit. 3 young girls are walking past me, side by side. Every one of those 6 eyes are looking at me.

I am searching my pockets for my phone. Sigh, still 8 minutes to go. I'm looking at the distance, like hoping for a invisible bus to take me to the land of the dead. Nothing's coming, not yet. 

I'm looking at the sky, its' a nice weather. I wish I had my sunglasses, it's too bright. A car is slowing down, and it stops. What are you doing, you can't park on a bus stop. Cars engine is still running, they roll down their window slightly. The driver presses the horn, the guy next to him yells some weird noises, both of them have their eyes on me. I grin at them and flip them off. Some more weird noises and laughs. They roll up their window and drive away. In a distance I see the bus coming.

I get off the buss. I hate this small walk home. It's not long, but it seems to take forever.
Finally I am at the building. I take the stairs up to first floor. I hear our neighbors talking in the hall again. They notice me and in a glimpse of an eye, they are gone to their own apartments. I see the shadows moving in their peepholes. I get my key from my bag and open the door, and slam it shut behind me.. I drop my bag on the floor and walk to a full body mirror. I look at myself while turning and making faces. I whisper to myself..

It's ok, I would stare too

What a day.


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Style development

So I saw Marjut do this "Then and now" post. And it really made me want to make one myself!

Some of these old old pictures I have, don't have a date on them so I'm not really sure how old I am in them, but I'll make an estimate!

Ugh, get ready to start laughing I guess.

Years (about): 1997-2003 Age: 4-8
Well yeah.. I bet these years are just about the same for everyone! Just wearing what your parents get you. Not really caring a shit! :D

Years 2006-2008 Age 13-15
These years were a really confusing time. But in 2008 the rock and metal influence started to show in my clothes.

Year 2009 Age 16
This year was full of change and attempts on trying to find myself. I feel so ashamed of this year oh damn.. I also cut my hair short for the very first time! I almost wore that scarf everywhere!

Year 2010 Age 17
I can't find any other photos from 2010 than this. But I guess it pretty much shows what direction my style chose.

Year 2011 Age 18
When they say that 18 year old is an adult. That's not how it is at all. Looking back at these pictures, I feel that I wasn't even close to adult back then. I had been growing my hair out for a quite a while.

Year 2012 age 19
This year I started to really bring make up to my appearance. But I still did nothing to my hair and the total appearance looked rather crap. This year I bought my first corsets and I was on the edge of myself.

But then again they say that the truth is in the pictures, taken by others...
Year 2013 Age 20
Lats year I practiced doing my make up a lot. And I let my hair groww like it has never grown before. I have also almost completely stopped using pants. Because I find them somewhat boring.

 Year 2014 Age 20 still to turn 21
I feel pretty good how have I turned out. But there is still a lot of way for me to go! I hope I continue this blog so long that I could update this post every year! That would be awesome.

I actually decided to get my hair cut yesterday. Now it's all layered and poofy! Better pictures coming soon!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Ruffled feeling

I found this ruffly shirt from flea market! It it just so perfect. 

I have been sitting here for a while thinking what to write. Stuffing my face with chips. These were supposed to last till night. Oh well.

I got Rimmel's black lip gloss. I don't even know how I was able to live without it.
Also lately I have been mixing my darker foundation with my white one, so I get a reeaally pale color, I like it.

I have been having lots of fun drinking and playing GTA V online today. Soon I will play L4D2 with my friend! Funfunfun! Have a spooky weekend everyone!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Second hand finds

Mostly it's flea market stuff, which is weird, since there was a looong time where I just found absolutely nothing on flea markets.

No outfit photo today either.. I just can't get myself up in the mornings. And when I do get up, it's so late I have to just throw on what ever my hand grabs first. I'll try'n work on that ;)

So here we go with the findings!

Shooess shooess shoeess what a biiig surpise huh? These game from facebook fleamarket group! I love them to bits since I have been looking for a pair of these for ages. And the person who sold them to me was really nice! 

This bat I found today from a local flea market! I just could not resist it.

This shirt I also bought today. I could just not simply skip the little dragons, chains and the 2€ price tag.

This knitted shirt was form a flea market in Tampere. It's so big and not itchy, I just love it.

A sheer shirt from... oh wait I got this from a sale! Oh well!

This is my favorite one yet! I didn't get a good shot of it, so I added a picture I found from the net. It's from Queen of Darkness and the collar thing is hhuuuge, you can use it as a big hood! I just love that! Found from a flea market in Kangasala, 4€. Aw yiss.

A jacket that I am planning to modify a bit! At least take the shoulder pads off, I so hate those things.

Oh my, more shoes? Well these were just a couple of euros at the local flea market. Tho I noticed that one out of the 6 small buckles is broken. No biggy, I know where I can get a new one!

 Matte! I'm not sure if it's actually a matte nail polish or does it go over your other nail polish to make it matte...?

All of these from a flea market today. All combined 5€ and the top one is Alchemy Gothic! Oh and I guess the pentacle on is too.

Well, hope you liked my finds, I sure love them a lot!
Next time something more interesting. ;)