Saturday, 18 January 2014

First video

Haha I made a video!
You can watch it here:

The first part of it is on Finnish and the rest in English.
Excuse me for eating and talking while eating, in the video xD
Also excuse me for the whole video, it's a bit.. well weird. I just talked what came to my head ehehe.

Later I decided to fluff my hair too.

You can get enough blabbing from my video so that is all.


  1. Upeaaa!!!!!
    Loved the video to pieces <3 Pizza Italia hahaha I have the feeling I know that magnet XD

  2. rouskis rouskis, nyt munki tekee mieli sipsiä! :'D

    1. uups ois varmaa pitänyt laittaa alkuun varoitus siitä! :DD