Thursday, 28 November 2013

I'm in love, and the love is black

What a day.. I went to school early in the morning. Sometimes it's hard for me to get up in the morning but I guess I got up because I had an exam. Or I was supposed to have anyway. There was few others waiting outside of the class, when our teacher was late we became suspicious, he's never late. One of us called him and he was still sleeping! Well he sent the exam to us by email and I just went home. Nothing to do here.
Woosh well at least it's weekend now for me!

We got a new tv! Well not yet but we bought it, should arrive next week I imagine. Our current playing tv (ps3) is something 27". It's too small for this room. you have to get to the nearest sofa to see the small text. The new one, well not new one it's used, but anyway, is going to be 47"! And when we get the ps4, it's going to be awesome to play games with that!

I have mostly been restraining myself from buying anything useless. Well some money have slipped through my fingers, but if I would had bought all the things I was first so tempted to get, I would not have any money at the moment, and yet I have plenty. I also made a new rule for myself. I only use the money I gain from selling clothes when buying new ones. I already sold some of my clothes in facebook, gained 50e so far! But I'm starting to think about saving the money instead of buying new things. Some improvement on my internet buying addiction.

Yule is closing up quickly. What do I want for a present..? Well I don't really want anything. Weird. Okay well a new drawing tablet would be nice since my old one broke. That's about it I guess. Sure there's lots of new games that I would really happy to get like The Batman Arkham Origins, Saints Row IV, and the new Bioshock infinite DLC, but I still have old games still to be played through. Maybe if Steam sale will give me a nice enough discount on any of those, maybe I will just get them myself.

Hehee, we played drink chess last weekend. It was really fun! One thing we noticed after filling the glasses is that it was really hard to see the black pieces through the black koskenkorva. Not the best choice I imagine. Well the game ended up being a tie and we were pretty drunk after. As you can see.. My hands were shaking already at that current point.

Tomorrow I'm off to my parents again! I will also go to the reopening of the burned flea market! I was so devastated after I heard that my favorite of all flea markets had burned down. This was a month ago, and they already have a new place that is already filled up to it's limits with stuff! I can't wait to see it!


  1. Saving money is a good thing! I'm doing it also, and I buy only things I really need/like, and only if they are cheap. It's a good way to spend money in the better way :)
    Love your leggings in this outfit ahhhhhh *_*
    Let me know about the burned flea market! I'm glad they are building it up again!

    1. Yeah! Problem is tho I can easily find chap stuff ebay, etsy etc. So they gather up slowly in a big amount xD If I buy 1 I buy them all lol.
      And yeah, they are pretty awesome!
      Me too, so glad! It's in a city next to Tampere called Kangasala. Lots of stuff and an awsome location!

    2. You have to bring me there when I'll be back in Finland :D I'm very curious!
      Oh things can be pretty evil hahaha

    3. Sure, good idea! ;D It's gonna be awesooome!

  2. Sun hiukset on kyllä niin kivat :)