Monday, 9 September 2013

20 years of horror

My birthday was last Friday. We did nothing special. On Saturday we were supposed to go to this concert thing that I mentioned about on my last post, but I ended up not having any cash on me and I was tired. We drove around Tampere all day and also walked around ideapark. It was a nice surprise to notice that there was a record fair there! There was all kinds of records, so much rock, heavy metal, punk... OH DEAR HELL ALL THE GLORIOUS PUNK! I noticed a Siouxie and The Banshees LP record, I wanted it so baaad, I went to get some cash and when I got back... it was gone.. I was very sad since it didn't even cost very much. But I got some CD:s instead.

I made those leg things from Jeans I bought from the fleamarket.

This is what I got from that trip, 2 The Cure albums and 1 Joy Division, happy times~

Ohh yeah, something I have been looking forever arrived in the mail today! You guys probably going to see it in the next post. See you then!


  1. You made leg warmers from jeans??? *_* You're a genius :D I love them!
    and very lucky finds in the music section!
    I'm curious to see what you got in the mail now :D

    1. Yeah! :D
      Indeed, I was so happy when I found those~
      You shall see~~~~~~ In a daaaay or twoooo xD

  2. Mistä tuo paita on?! Tuli tarve saada just tuollainen :D

    1. Valitettavasti en voi auttaa, tuo on kirpparilta joskus bongattu. :)