Sunday, 18 August 2013

Games and whatnot

The weekend has resulted to Sunday. I'm so tired. I stayed up really damn late. I got a bunch of games last night. Dead Space 3, Dead Space and Crysis 2. Also this cool Indie game called McPixel. My computer is so full and I don't really know what to delete to get more games in, hehe.

Those are from few days ago I guesss.

And these two are from yesterday. We had a graduation party for my boyfriend. It made me so tired, and the cat was exhausted too after entertaining everyone.

I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get the Dead Space 3 too since it has a co-op play! I want to play it with him so bad.

Annndd the McPixel, it's a good laugh for those moments when you think nothing can make you laugh.

Or maybe my humor is too dirty and stupid so no one else will laugh at this video :D