Friday, 30 August 2013

There isn't a measurement for gothness

Recently I have been a bit annoyed.. The goth subculture has always been very open, breaking free from labels, and very much accepting of different people and the variations of the style. That's why I got into it and always followed the stuff in the community.

But, I have been noticing some hmm.. interesting things recently..
Some people (some in youtube, some in tumblr and so on..) have been starting to "take over" the community! They tell you what to listen, what to wear, what to think and worst of all.. think you are not goth if you do some of these things a bit differently. They claim to be the ultimate version of goth, and are more label obsessed than fucking little kids.

I personally don't mind them, they talk about what they think is right and I'm willing to listen to that opinion, but I am not going to change what I think.

But I am really damn worried when little baby bats flab their wings to these people and make them their idols. They just learn that there is only one version of being goth and any different lowers your "gothness".

No it does not lower your anything to wear that green shirt today if you want to, it does not lower anything to listen to that Madonna's song today if you just happen to feel like it.

There isn't a measurement for gothness

If you feel like you belong with the goths, then that's where you'll belong. No one has no say in that. Break free little ones, break free! Do/wear/think what makes you happy, not what someone else think is considered goth.

Well that's my opinion anyways.

Enough about that, here's what you came for

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Outfit of yesterday

So this is what I wore yesterday. With platform shoes.
I finally found out how to remove the sound from my camera.. I know I have looked from the settings before but was not able to find it. Now I can take stealth photos hehe~

Recently I have had an urge to do something with my hair. Not quite sure what. I kinda want a side cut, but I also kinda want a death hawk, and I kinda also want to cut it short, layer it, and cut bangs... UGH!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Music post

I have not talked about music a lot in this blog. I don't know why, since it's a big part of my life. So in this post I'd like to fled some light to my music library.

Well, I started listening to the darker side of music when I was around 9-10 years old and I got a Nightwish album. It was something different from the bands I had listened before, and I liked it. I became a huge Nightwish fan. I still occasionally listen to their old songs, but the new ones just don't hit me.. I know there are fans that like the new stuff better, and fans that like the old stuff better, and blahblah but I just like the old stuff OK?

Now days I like pretty much all kinds of metal, punk( especially post-punk ), gothic rock, death rock.. and along those lines.

Wellp, the bands that get the most playing by me these days are:

The Cure

Siouxie and the banshees

Joy Division


Killing Joke

Two witches

Fear Cult

Bad Religion

The Naked and the Dead

Christian Death

The list is endless, but enjoy these! :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Games and whatnot

The weekend has resulted to Sunday. I'm so tired. I stayed up really damn late. I got a bunch of games last night. Dead Space 3, Dead Space and Crysis 2. Also this cool Indie game called McPixel. My computer is so full and I don't really know what to delete to get more games in, hehe.

Those are from few days ago I guesss.

And these two are from yesterday. We had a graduation party for my boyfriend. It made me so tired, and the cat was exhausted too after entertaining everyone.

I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get the Dead Space 3 too since it has a co-op play! I want to play it with him so bad.

Annndd the McPixel, it's a good laugh for those moments when you think nothing can make you laugh.

Or maybe my humor is too dirty and stupid so no one else will laugh at this video :D 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Cry for the bird with broken wings

I have a really bad frustration right about now. Why?
Some time ago I found about this great Finnish post-punk/deathrock band called Masquerade.

Today I noticed that they will be playing in Hervanta, Varjo bar, 5.10.2013

I just want to go so badly but yet again I am facing the problem of no company. I seriously have no friends that like the music I do. I have some that like metal and so on, but metal music is just a little part of the music I listen to. None of my little group of friends like punk, deathrock etc..

I guess I could try to just force someone with me, but how can I enjoy the music when the other person could not care less.

I think I'll roll around in my own tears.

For some reason could not add their song here, could not find it on that stupid-blogger-youtube-video adding-thingy. Masquerade has a Siouxsie And The Banshees vibe on them. Because of that, this:

I love this song

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

First school days + the outfits

It has been rather interesting. The current school is the biggest one I have been in. Kinda feels weird being around that much people, I feel a bit uneasy. Not to mention that we spent hours making folders to computers, talking about wasting time..

I ordered a bat necklace from etsy some time ago. It's so cute~ It was cheap, I wondered about than. The bat is nicely done but the chain is the thinnest chain I have ever seen. I may change it later. Before I brake it..

( sorry for the webcam pics ;D ) 
Tadaahhh I ordered some chainss and lockss, I was supposed to use the other chain for the bat, but I ended up using them for something else. Hehehe. I ordered them from Troublemaker Trading Oy ( they only sell to Finland ) They have some pretty cheap chains and locks and so on.

Outfit on the first day. Damn hair got all flat in the middle of the day :I

Oh and I bought this batman lunch box, I'm going to use it as a necklace box ;D

And this is the todays look, ohh I love this velvet shirt. :) Haha it feels so nice to be able to dress to somewhere.. I don't bother when I just sit at home but school is good enough excuse. 

Woot woot, some tights from china! I may use the web ones tomorrow hmmm..
Oh wells cya later.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

A creative day

Today I had a feel of doing something creative. So I dug at my closet and found this vest, on which I had drawn the trollface at the back of. Some may remember the post I did about it some time ago. On the front I added some patches, studs and so on. 6 of those patches I have done myself.

I also added this one patch at the back

I also got this fake leather vest from the flea market.

But I need to carefully think what I want to add to it, and where. Fake leather is a tricky material when it comes to tuning. Every needle hole can be seen so you need to really be careful. Any ideas?
I'm thinking of putting my The Cure back patch at the back..

Also added some stuff to my bag.

Well I guess that was it. I'm a bit nervous starting school soon, but I reckon it's only normal.