Sunday, 28 July 2013

The night time

The Saturday will turn to Sunday in just few minutes. And yet, I can't sleep. On Friday my boyfriend got back from the army, but now he's sick. And I really don't want to go wake him up so I could sleep, so I guess I'll sleep at the living room then. Poor guy, he has to go back there tomorrow..

What have I been doing? Oh well, I got the second part of my driving license done. So now I don't have to worry about that anymore. Yay for that.

Felt like going skeletal last Wednesday.

This place is a mess, as you might see from the pictures too.. I just started cleaning today but I still have a loooonnng way to go.

That Living Death Souls shirt I found from the fleamarket, with 4 euros. It has 2 parts, this web thing and the skeleton thing with a hood.

Also these pants with 4 euros and this velvet shirt with 1 euro. Nice day for a fleamarket that was.

I think I'll just curl up on this couch and sleep a little. Good night everyone.


  1. mmmmmm skelet on vaan parhautta D: ♥

  2. vitsi kun siistit noi luuranko vaatteet *-*

  3. Oh wow, breathtaking! I love your style and the layout of your blog. The ankh symbol is very dear and personal to me. I have a pendant that I wear every day...
    I'll follow you back if you don't mind ;)

    1. Oh thankyou! ^^ My ankh is dear to me too :)
      And of course I don't mind! Welcome along! :>

  4. I love the way you dress!!!